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Welcome to The Wanderstruck Lens

This is the place to get the most out of your passion. Learn new tips, techniques, and approaches to capture everything that fascinates you on your travels. Get help troubleshooting or choosing new gear, and learn how to effectively plan so you can have an amazing time no matter where you go. Explore the blog or dig in on The Wanderstruck Lens YouTube channel.

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Take your landscapes to the next level with ease. Learn how to compose, find the best view & light, plan, and choose the best gear for the job in your budget.


Amazing scenery can be found anywhere. Travel photography can take you from bustling metropolises to sleepy hamlets. Nail your street and architectural skills while exploring the human landscape.


From candids to casual portraits, capture the spirit of the people you come across on your travels. Learn techniques, quick lighting, and brush up on the ethics of photographing strangers.

burrito and taco food photo with chips salsa guac and margarita


For many people, food is a huge part of their travels. Learn how to shoot your food successfully without holding up your actual meal.


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